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A close friend once said at a dinner party, "conversations with Sonja are like this: you think you're going to have an easy chat about the weather or a new movie. Instead, you find yourself burrowing into the depths of your soul, ready to make massive life changes tomorrow ... and you're not even mad about it."

In this newsletter, I hope to bring this conversation to you, my readers. I look at how we can show up as our full selves in this wonky world, and I do that by looking deep into the little corners of what I see around me.

If you want to understand this newsletter, my best advice is to cruise what I've posted so far, and if you like it, subscribe. You might find topics about:

🤖Advancements in AI and the importance of understanding your sense of purpose and mission in your work

🎮A conversation with a friend about a videogame and how we make "silent promises" in society, and what happens when we break those promises

✨An astrological alignment and how we navigate the frustration that shows up (and a cautionary note that drivers might be bonkers that day)

I write about the human experience as I see it, and the weird-ass rules we set for ourselves that are only sometimes necessary. I write through the stuff I enjoy, which includes sci-fi, AI and tech, video games, science, as well as tarot, astrology, chaos magick, i Ching, etc.

I won’t talk about politics, nutritional health, religion, or new-age that’s wrapped in toxic positivity or science denial.

I’m Gandalf to your Frodo, if you’re ready. With maybe one less mountain of doom, because there’s just enough of that in the world already.

TL;DR: Your world is malleable, you can change it if you need to. Don’t panic (and bring a towel).

I’d love to have you join me. If you’d like to subscribe, please do so below.

Publication frequency: somewhere between daily and weekly. I don’t write on a prescribed schedule, I write when I have something to say.

Me, as trained in Stable Diffusion, giving off my best Gandalfy vibes.
Me and my old-school high-tech edits.

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Ever chat about a videogame and end up contemplating life? Or read an article about AI and question the human experience? I do. Dive into how I see the world. From astrology to AI and back again, and the human experience beneath it all.


Writing about change, sense of purpose, AI, and woo. If I get a chance to use a spreadsheet or break out a tarot deck, I will do so with equal amounts of enthusiasm.